MIT Technology Review | 2020

Shea Swauger

Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy | 2020
Scott Young, Paige Walker, Shea Swauger, Michelle Gibeault, Sara Mannheimer, Jason Clark

Make Labs, Not War: Rethinking Library Creative Technology Services through a Critical Making Lens

College and Undergraduate Libraries | Accepted
Cinthya Ippoliti, Kiersten Merkel, Shea Swauger

Digital Library Federation: Privacy and Ethics in Technology Working Group | 2020
Kristin Briney, Becky Yoose, John Mark Ockerbloom, Shea Swauger, Charlie Harper, Jacob Levernier, Yasmeen Shorish

Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement | 2019
Shea Swauger

Code for Science and Society | 2018
Nokome Bentley, Georgia Bullen, Stefanie Butland, Jonathan Cain, Asura Enkhbayar, Monica Granados, Joe Hand, April Hathcock, Samantha Hindle, Chris Holdgraf, Daisie Huang, Ivo Jimenez, Daniel S. Katz, Joey Lee, Giuliano Maciocci, Laura Maher, Aurelia Moser, Brendan O’Brien, Naomi Penfold, Danielle Robinson, Kristen Ratan, Daniela Saderi, Vicky Steeves, Carly Strasser, Shea Swauger, Dawn Walker, Stephanie Wright

College & Research Libraries News | 2017
Shea Swauger

International Journal of Digital Curation | 2015
Shea Swauger, Todd Vision

University of California Curation Center (UC3) | 2014
Shea Swauger

Proceedings of the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications | 2013
Jane Greenberg, Elena M. Feinstein, Shea Swauger


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