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Presentations: List


Conference on Reproducibility and Replicability in Economics and the Social Sciences | 2022

Michelle Meyer, Sarah Kopper, Shea Swauger

International Association of Privacy Professionals | 2022

Jevon Hutson, Vincent DiGilio, Katelyn Ringrose, Shea Swauger

The Thing That Gets Us to the Thing

Boucher Memorial Lecture on Intellectual Freedom Keynote

Colorado Association of Libraries | 2021

Shea Swauger

Invest in Open Infrastructure | 2021

Sara Lamdan, Shea Swauger,  Vanessa Wrenn Rhinesmith

CU Social Justice Summit | 2021

Shea Swauger

Rethinking Proctoring

thinqstudio workshop | 2020

Shea Swauger

Dismantling Racism and Inequities in Our Schools

School of Education and Human Development Seminar Series | 2020

Shea Swauger, Dennis DeBay, Diane Fritz, Matthew Mariner, Serena Kim, Michael Ferrara

Digital Pedagogy Lab Workshop | 2020

Shea Swauger

The Prison to School Pipeline of Ed Tech

Colorado Teaching and Learning with Technology | 2020
Shea Swauger

University of Colorado | 2020
Shea Swauger

thinqstudio workshop | 2020
Shea Swauger

eLearning Consortium of Colorado Keynote | 2020
Shea Swauger

Joint Mathematics Meeting, American Mathematical Society | 2020
Shea Swauger, Dennis DeBay, Diane Fritz, Matthew Mariner, Michael Ferrara

Digital Library Federation | 2019
Paige Walker, Scott Young, Shea Swauger, Michelle Gibeault, Margaret Heller

HASTAC | 2019
Shea Swauger

Colorado Teaching and Learning with Technology | 2019
Shea Swauger

Digital Library Federation | 2018
Yasmeen Shorish, Shea Swauger

University of Massachusetts eScience Symposium | 2018
Shea Swauger

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